In most cases, to obtain a loan without income you would only need two documents: passport and additional application form with detailed info about you. Some banks may require a work book. Of course, the bank employee will ask about your income, but the maximum that would require - is to write it down on paper.

This type of loan is great for people who receive informal salary in an envelope or are freelancers in the Internet, etc. In addition, it can be a way for the owner of a small business, because we all know that getting a business loan is very difficult, especially beginner entrepreneur.

So, what is the amount, you can expect, to receive online loan? Typically, depending on the bank or loan organization can be obtained up to $1000. The term of loan is usually not more than a few months, but there are pleasant exceptions.

Be prepared for the fact that in the normal banks, you will be asked a lot of questions before making a decision to grant the loan. Take it with understanding, because the bank is much at risk. By the way, the interest rate on such loan will be substantially higher than the standard version of the loan. But there is a way to get a small discount. To do this, you should, if possible, to prove your solvency by submitting documents to the property, the contract for delivery of an apartment or other space for rent, etc.

As a rule, considered type of loan, in most cases, is the quick cash loan. That is, the decision to grant money the bank will take a few hours or even minutes. Borrowers are rarely denied, if a person is behaving appropriately and asks a reasonable amount that can overpower, the positive decision will be made with 100% guarantee.

Since the early repayment problems should not arise, the bank will be glad that you will pay the debt ahead of schedule, because the longer the term, the greater the risk. Fines and moratorium on early payment as in banks, as in online loans services are not available.